Specializing in fast high quality Memorial Portraits.

Choosing a photo is at the heart of this process

Choosing a Photo

We understand our greatest moments in life occur surrounded by friends and family. We always recommend searching for a photo based primarily on the eyes and smile. 

Questionable Photos

Everything in the original image can be changed and modified. Don't worry about any distracting elements such as a background, shirt color, jewelry, etc.

Background Options

If you have a general idea we can build several rough background options to review. Some families provide the exact photo for the background, which is fine, or let our Artists choose!

Files & Scanning

We do not accept hardcopy images and you will need to scan your photos and attach files to  upload. We recommend files to be scanned at 300 DPI and saved and uploaded in a  .jpeg format.

Uploading Multiple Files

We can accept up to three different files at a time, and multiply formats, 


Is not a problem when choosing a digital painting as all the missing information is painted in.